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Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program for Education Leaders

Program Options:

Our three training programs have been proven to engage, inspire, and energize educational leaders and their teams—empowering every participant to drive lasting, sustainable change at their organization.

Coach Centric Leadership™ for Education Professionals

The Coach-Centric Leadership for Education Professionals curriculum is aligned with the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards and with the core propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Continuing education hours may be available.

1-Day Program:

Discovery Leadership Training™
6-Hour Workshop

Throughout the course of this one-day intensive workshop, educational professionals will develop their leadership skills, learn about their energetic makeup, start to understand the dynamics that make up a team, and discover how to enhance their own engagement.

The skills learned and clarity gained through this training will kick off a change in culture, making it easier for participants to get things done.

Core Skills/Topics:

Participants will learn the benefits of impactful leadership firsthand by:
  • Learning to ask meaningful, engaging questions that initiate thought, discussion, and action
  • Learning the difference between listening and understanding
  • Discovering how to enhance team member engagement
  • Learning how to not give orders and answers, but to gain the team's interest in the overall mission
  • Understanding how to truly generate buy-in

Learning Objectives

Conducted over six hours, this workshop gives participants an understanding of how leadership engagement can effectively address and improve:

  • Productivity
  • Turnover
  • Deteriorating morale
Through the teaching of specific core coaching skills, your team’s passion, synergy, and energy will be intensified—allowing them to more effectively:
  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Understand
  • Empower at enhanced levels

3-Day Program:

Leadership Potentials Training™
3 Consecutive, 10-Hour Training Days

Leadership Potentials Training™ (LPT) gives participants the opportunity to experience the power of the Core Energy Coaching™ process firsthand and provides practical knowledge about how to utilize its potential in many aspects of educational life. Our program not only teaches transformational coaching and leadership skills that can be used with oneself and others, but also significantly advances personal and professional growth.

Core Skills/Topics:

  • Listening and communicating more effectively
  • Motivating, inspiring, and influencing others for optimal performance
  • Managing challenges and feedback with tact and insight
  • Connecting individual and external visions
  • Creating autonomy, accountability, and interdependence
  • Becoming a positive change agent
  • Increasing one’s own and others’ engagement, satisfaction, and performance levels
  • Implementing a clear, simple, and highly effective goal achievement and planning process
  • Creating an energetic buy-in

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn powerful tools and coaching skills to empower and engage others. The curriculum is designed to help participants create new belief systems, which will support them in creating choices and possibilities that will bring about powerfully different results.

  • Participants will learn a new, coaching-based framework for significantly improved interpersonal, communication, self-leadership, and leadership skills
  • Through experiential and immersion learning, participants will apply new understanding and skills to their specific professional and personal situations to significantly increase integration of new abilities and ensure that the newly acquired knowledge will be able to be applied “first thing Monday morning” when classes resume

5-Month Program:

Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program for Educational Leaders

  • Module I: Leadership Potentials Training™
    • Phase I: Application and Integration
  • Module II: Creating and Sustaining Academic Excellence
    • Phase II: Application and Integration
  • Module III: Advanced Coaching
  • The Coaching Toolkit for Education Professionals: Coaching and Leadership Skills

Module I: Leadership Potentials Training™

3 Consecutive, 10-Hour Training Days

To learn more about Module I, review the 3-Day Leadership Potentials Training description.

Phase I: Application and Integration

Approximately 8 Weeks

Between modules, participants will gain further experience as they participate in peer groups, peer coaching, mentoring coaching, teleclasses, and webinars over the course of approximately eight weeks. It is during this phase that participants are given the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned directly within their environment, raise their comfort level and confidence in these new approaches, and further enrich their understanding through the additional insights of mentoring, teleclasses, and webinars.

Module II: Creating and Sustaining Academic Excellence

2 Consecutive, 8-Hour Training Days

In this second module, participants will explore the filters through which they see the world and their environment—and discover how they influence their day-to-day behaviors and responses to situations at work and in life. By gaining this awareness, participants will learn how to dramatically improve the way they show up at work—practicing better engagement behaviors, cultivating these same behaviors in others, and overall, contributing to a more positive work environment.

Participants will explore the seven levels of energy, which reveal one’s default tendencies (the most typical way that anyone thinks about, perceives, feels, and acts based on their circumstances). They will also learn how to work with these default tendencies in a leadership capacity in order to shift areas that are presenting blocks and increase areas that are fueling performance.

The entire discussion is set in the context of the educational arena and is applicable to those in the myriad of leadership and staff positions throughout the system. Working through scenarios, participants integrate coaching competencies into instructional leadership, the monitoring of student and campus progress, the creating of shared leadership, home-school relations, and other critical education leadership topics.

Learning Objectives:
  • Integrating and learning the dynamic use of coaching competencies
  • Direct application of learned competencies to individual, social, and organizational scenarios
  • Understanding of the first of two key leverage components (Capacity) and associated coaching skills that drive Total Engaged Energy
Core Skills/Topics:
  • Values, validating, and acknowledging
  • Shifting perceptions to shift Capacity
  • Recognizing which individual or organizational tendencies are inhibiting or driving engagement
  • Identifying individual and organization engagement trends (in real time)
  • Building communities of shared leadership, dynamic and high-energy teams, and engaging and effective relationships

Phase II: Application and Integration

Approximately 8 Weeks

Phase II is an advanced application of what participants have learned. Participants begin to embed methodologies into their individual and organizational work processes. They focus on creating a system and environment that supports sustainability of their own and others’ engagement and performance levels.

Module III: Advanced Coaching for Educational Leaders

2 consecutive, 8-hour training days

In this third module, participants will dive deeply into the final factors that drive optimal engagement (i.e. Total Engaged Energy). They will learn, understand, and work with those factors that increase both willingness and ability at an individual and organizational level.

These driving factors of engagement are discussed from multiple positions throughout the educational system. This aspect of the training not only demonstrates how to optimize personal engagement, but significantly expands each participant’s understanding of how other positions and jobs view a campus or district’s current circumstances, challenges, needs, goals, and desired outcomes. This shifts engagement and strengthens holistic and strategic thinking, while building greater knowledge of how the interconnected system functions as a whole.

Learning Objectives

Our Coach Centric Leadership™ Engagement Program for Education Leaders delivers a total of five months of intensive learning—with three modules, seven days of live training sessions, and two 8-week application and integration phases that help participants put what they’ve learned into action and expand their knowledge on key topics.

  • Further integrating the dynamic use of coaching competencies within individual and organizational processes
  • Direct application of increasing engagement in individual, social, and organizational scenarios
  • Understanding of the second of two key leverage components (Engagement) and associated coaching skills that drive Total Engaged Energy

Core Skills/Topics:

  • Breaking resistance, while gaining buy-in
  • Aligning individual motivational drivers with role-based and organizational objectives, vision, and mission
  • A culture of continuous improvement through reflective practice
  • Utilizing professional development in order to optimize organizational sustainability
  • Shaping organizational management so that relationships with groups inside and outside the educational system work toward common goals
  • Creating a school culture that cultivates a safe and orderly environment
  • Practicing with new skills and tools in order to motivate and renew academic organizations

The Coaching Toolkit for Education Professionals

Participants will complete the training with a toolkit to take with them, which includes:
  • Coaching logs, tools, and session preparation guides
  • Coaching development and organizational wheels
  • Foundation principles and high potential concepts
  • Step-by-step activities for staff development

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