About Coach Centric Leadership™ for Education Leaders

Transforming Schools. Increasing Student Achievement.

The Coach Centric Leadership™ for Education Leaders program was developed collaboratively by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and the Texas-based, Education Service Center Region 20 (ESC-20).

Founded on the guiding principle that school leaders are integral in creating an environment where cultures of engagement flourish, this program is designed to transform education leadership, from the classroom to the district office.

Meet Our Team

Sandra Slough

Institute of Developmental Coaching, Coaching Specialist Lead Trainer, Education Service Center, Region 20

John Bond

CPC, ELI-MP Lead Trainer

Darlene Redclift

Coordinator, Special Education, Education Service Center, Region 20

Yvette Gomez

Component Director, School Support Services Education Service Center, Region 20

Jeff Goldhorn, Ph. D

Executive Director Education Service Center, Region 20

Jon Jervert

Director of Marketing

Our Partners

About iPEC

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) is a coach training school that has been fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) since 2002 and has graduated over 11,000 coaches, across 44 countries. iPEC’s philosophy is that everyone is a leader, regardless of title or position, and thus it offers a variety of programs designed to bring its proven coaching concepts to individuals and organizations domestically and abroad. Participants in iPEC’s programs experience a personally transformative process that is applicable to their life and their leadership.

About ESC-20

Education Service Center, Region 20 (ESC-20) is one of 20 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in Texas, established in 1967 that assists school districts in improving student achievement and implementing state and federal initiatives. ESC-20’s relationship with schools is collaborative and supportive, responding to needs by providing an array of products and services. ESC-20 annually serves more than 355,000 students and 35,000 educators through 632 campuses in 52 public school districts and 26 charter schools within 15 counties. As an organization, ESC-20 is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, transformational professional development that will have a substantial, sustainable impact on students.

Our History

Coaching has proven to be extremely effective in the field of education. As educational leaders begin to shift leadership practices, they establish growth-focused cultures that are feedback-rich, reflective environments which stimulate innovation and foster engagement. This method of transformational leadership empowers faculty, staff, and students to be solution-focused and prepared for the 21st century workforce where critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity are essential characteristics in every industry.

Understanding the power of coaching as a vehicle for transformational leadership, ESC-20 began to search for a coaching methodology that was in alignment with its internal philosophies and practices. After reviewing several programs and accredited coach training schools, iPEC was selected and thus, the partnership began in 2009.

Initially, ESC-20 sent three key leaders through the Accredited Coach Training Program. As the leaders completed their training and certifications, the transformation was obvious. It was agreed that iPEC had the proven coaching methodology that would facilitate change and was a best fit for this collaborative agreement.

As ESC-20 continued through the program, they realized the impact that the methodologies would have on educational organizations so they approached iPEC to inquire about the possibility of forging a collaborative partnership, using the educational expertise of ESC-20 and iPEC’s expertise of professional coach training. The collaborative effort resulted in the creation of the Coach Centric Leadership™ for Education Professionals program.

Collaboratively, we have provided training and support to thousands of educators across the U.S. and Canada—empowering them to create growth-minded, high-performing schools that engage students, teachers, and the local community.

Find Out How We Can Help You Transform Your Organization

For more information on iPEC’s Coach-Centric Leadership™ for Education Professionals, contact a member of our Education Leadership Development Team at (732) 982-8155, ex. 716 or team@ipeceducation.com.